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We at The Matrix of Success understand that our lives consist of two realities, the natural (what you see), and the spiritual (what you do not see). We are not a result of a pre-planned or pre-determined decision, but are a result of our past and present thoughts or actions. Our decisions have impacted our personal Matrix which then determines who we are. It is incumbent upon us to make decisions that are in line with the success we are attempting to achieve.

Throughout history many great people have studied success; what it is, how to achieve it as well as how to retain it.

A situation or surrounding substance, within which something else originates, develops or is contained.

The achievement of something desired, intended, planned, or attempted.

The Einstein's and Henry Fords, as well as many other inventors and contemporaries, have come to believe that success is not something that just happens. It is not the case that some are privy to a secret force while others are subjected to a life of uncertainty, pain and misfortune. Successful people understand that life is meant to be happy, enjoyable and full of excitement. Even most religious writings will tell you that life is to be lived abundant, free from heavy cares that seemingly burden a large majority of the population.

We at The Matrix of Success have taken time over the years to study these people, successful and otherwise, determining it is true, what these people and many writings have recorded, life is meant to be abundant, exciting and free.

At times it has been an arduous task, but our conclusion is that your life, successful or not, is a result of the decisions you have made. Those decisions have determined who you are, what you are to become, as well as the opportunities that will come your way.

Your decisions have determined your "Matrix" which forms your life which comes complete with happiness and success, or the lack of it. But here is the good news! You do not have to continue making your current decisions in the manner you presently do, and are not predetermined for poverty and lack, as well as pain, distress and discomfort, in whatever form it may come. You have the opportunity to make decisions that will result in a "Matrix of Success!"

The truth to success is that it is not found in working harder or being raised in the right atmosphere. There are many who succeed when all opportunity and abilities are not afforded them. Why is this the case? One person works so hard, striving after the elusive dream of happiness and financial security while another seemingly trip upon it.

Success is not achieved by luck or hard work alone, but by a number of factors and the decisions we make personally, determining if we are a Success!

As we progress you will also see that it is not success that must be sought after. If one tries only to measure their life by what they possess or by any other factor, they will not achieve true "Success". But on the other hand, as we build our lives correctly, we will be able to look back and see nothing but "Success", personally, financially and in every other way.

It is our intention to bring to you help and support to see that your dreams can become a reality. We will be doing this through products, events, training and support. If you are looking for help to change your situation, please take time to look at what we offer and we would be more that happy to assist.


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