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Make Money Through Referrals!

When you sign up for our affiliate program you make money on every sale made through your link to our store. If you have a website or another type of business that our product fits then sign up for our Affiliate Program. You can even add a link to the bottom of the emails you send and get paid when people follow the link and order through it.

The Affiliate Program is for those who would like to subsidize or create a secondary income online.

We believe we have one of the best Affiliate Programs available. We offer payout's starting at 10%, which will more than pay a person for a simple link on the end of their email as a signature or a link on their website.

The program is easy! Simply place a link on the bottom of each email in your "Signature Section". If you have a website, insert a link as noted in our affiliate section and the image, when clicked on, will lead potential customers to our site. When they make a purchase, you make money.

Be sure to sign up AND SIGN IN BEFORE copying the links on the Affiliate page. Otherwise your information will not be included in the code. AFTER you sign in, your identifying code is automatically inserted into the code you copy for insertion in your email or on your website.

With the high return on a FREE investment, be sure to put the link in a prominent location that will be seen. Why not participate with us in spreading the good news that success is a possibility, and while you are at it, make a little money.

We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship! Please contact us for more information.

How Does it Work?

When you sign up as an affiliate you will create a user ID that you may presently already use (i.e.."John Smith" = jsmith or as a Company, "Quality Products" = qprod) or something of the sort. You fill out the remaining information with a password known only to you.

Then you look at our site and find items you may want to sell but never handle. Link to any page or product with a .php extension in the following manner:

For a particular product the code will have to be adjusted as shown with the "Latest Book" link on our Affiliate page. It will require a slightly different code which will be like the following:

This code links you directly to the book "Staying Up When Everything is Down". You will notice that the PRODUCT NUMBER is what will change if you desire to link directly to another product.


Every time someone comes to our site and purchases through that link you get paid a minimum 10% commission on the purchase. You never handle it or even see it, we do all the handling for you at The Matrix of Success.

When two orders are cleared and shipped, you can log onto our site in the Affiliate Section and check the status of what money is coming your way. It does not get much easier than that!

Please Note: Commissions must exceed $50.00 for a check to be generated. All Affiliates are personally responsible for filing their own record of income for the government.

Affiliates who do not make a sale for 90 days will expire and will require reinitiation.

Click on the link below to sign up now!

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