"Correction Line"

Having lived on the Prairies, we had the experience to travel many times on a road that seemed to go straight for miles and then all of a sudden there was an abrupt turn one way, then the other. The first time we experienced it I wondered who built the road and perhaps they made an engineering mistake, requiring the need to correct it. I was soon informed it is referred to as a "Correction Line", since the longer the road is north/south, the more important it is to have a "correction". As you travel north (since we actually live on a ball) the world gets smaller and a straight line from the equator north or southward toward the pole actually has to be corrected from time to time otherwise it gets off track. In most areas we never even notice it, either because the road is short or not close enough to the poles of the earth. (For more on this see Wikpedia for a further explanation.)

At the time of this writing the world is suffering a"correction" itself from some poor economic decisions made by business executives and leaders as to their planning and direction. It is not our purpose nor is it our area of expertise to critique everything happening, neither is it our purpose to give financial advice. But we do question whether the action being taken has any chance in the world of bringing lasting changes. You cannot continue in a straight direction of selfishness and greed and not expect to come to a "Correction Line". Whether or not you believe in God does not determine whether you will suffer a "correction". It is inevitable and written within the laws at creation which we refer to as "Universal Laws". You may claim to not believe in gravity but when you walk off a building the "law" will come into play - immediately.

Our society is facing a "correction" presently and how we face the next few months and years will determine how soon we will face another "correction". We at The Matrix of Success are determined to help people work on a solution to the root cause of their problem since a quick fix may deal with the symptom but not the cause. It is like putting a strip of duct tape on a broken leg and then using a crutch to walk (or should I say limp) for the rest of our life. It is in a large part the reason why a person who wins the lottery is very soon poor again because they have not dealt with what made them poor to begin with - so is it with our society and economy. If we do not deal with the root cause of the trouble in our society, set your clock for the next correction - which will likely be bigger.

The millions of dollars being spent on Cancer Research never seem to find a cure, or the zillions of dollars being spent on entertainment and possessions, happiness still seems unreachable. The truth is, our bodies were created to heal themselves and happiness is attainable, but it has to be done within the parameters set out by God at the beginning of time. Ever since time as we know it began we have tried to do things our own way, resulting in sickness and unhappiness. Scientific studies of the body and mind have conclusively determined that when we operate in the fashion we were created to operate things go well for us.

We hold to some very basic truths: (For further information see our Beliefs and Mission.)

1. We are spiritual, eternal beings, which are recognized in this lifetime as flesh.
2. We have been created by God, who is over all.
3. We are not predetermined from birth, but our lives are a result of the choices and decisions we make.
4. We are determined by the decisions we make in this lifetime, for our present life as well as our future life.
5. We have everything we need to make the correct decisions.
6. We cannot blame our upbringing or genetics for our success or lack of it.
7. We have the ability to live happy, healthy, successful lives, but the decision is up to us.

As we look at a number of scientific studies it only confirms what we believe, but for those who see themselves as a scholar would also know that everything we state here is fully supported by scripture. We did not wake up one morning and decide these factors for ourselves from some mystical experience that made us any better than anyone else. It could be said, "It is as clear as the nose on your face" - then why is it hard to accept?

Many wrestle with their lives for a few basic reasons:

1. Pride of who they are or what they are doing.
2. Disobedience to the required laws.
3. Busyness - causing the "squeaky wheel get's the grease" syndrome.
4. Unwillingness to change from present habits.
5. Not knowing there is an alternative to what they are presently experiencing.

This list is not meant to be exhaustive but only a guide to some of the reasons we accept our lives the way they are - without question. In many cases we have been told there is no other answer when someone is selling us their product (a side benefit of capitalism?). We can also be driven so hard that we have no time to think for ourselves until our health fails or our situation gets bad enough that "the pain to change is less than the pain".

The truth is, there is hope and an answer to the situation you are facing - regardless of how bad it is. But a lasting change requires a lasting commitment to the new and a turning away from the old that was not good. It will likely mean a change in your thinking and many of your practices. Some may quickly come to an understanding that it is you banging your head on the wall that is causing the pain (figuratively speaking) and it needs to stop. For others it may take a few more days before we say "Aha! That's what's causing it.".

We are looking for those who want to have a change in their lives and we are not trying to change your way of thinking if you are happy where you are. We want everyone to know that "they can change their life - if they want to!". The VIP program we set up is in place for those who share in our vision and want to cooperate with us to bring the message that change is possible - if you believe. We will be doing this with the help of those around us and through our Success Traxx. (Be sure to check out the program here.) No amount of money thrown at an economy will turn it around; it is when people once again believe that things will begin to turn around. As we cooperate together WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! As people and businesses pull together and encourage one another that change is possible - then there will be change.

Finally, we believe it is time for us to begin proclaiming this message stronger than ever before. The "patch" of money that has been thrown at the economy will not last long; it requires a completely new tire. It requires a change in thinking of those in business, aligning ourselves with the Universal Laws set out at the beginning of time that will bring about lasting change. We have also started weekly meetings to encourage people locally to change their lives. As we find people around the world to share with us I am sure we will see chapters set up in their areas as well.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that this message gets out or we stand to suffer a much larger "correction" in the near future. Just because your job was not touched by this economic downturn does not mean that the next time it will be safe. If we as a society continue to refuse to make the changes that need to be made then we will have to live the results of what it means to disobey the Universal Laws - and that will not be good. The good news is, the Universal Laws may be harsh if we disobey them, but on a positive note they also bring with them the greatest blessings and rewards you could ever imagine. They bring with them happiness, health and wealth; different from our past, abundant in the present and available for our future.

We want to encourage you to stand with us in our quest to make this a different world than we are experiencing. Take someone by the hand who is suffering - seeing no answer to their troubles - and let them know there is an answer. The answer is not found in the latest and greatest leader to hit the scene or in an infusion of cash in the situation but in you and me, as we walk together and share the message that "WE CAN CHANGE OUR LIVES - IF WE WANT TO!"

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