Health in relationship to nutrition has been discussed for many years, yet it is still true, we must have our proper nutrition in order to be healthy. It may have once been a mystical belief, but even science has established that our basic cell structure will fail without the vitamins and minerals required to keep them healthy. Organs will over time break down and even fail if they are starved from their daily needs.

Even if you may have starved your cells from the nutrition they required, the good news is, you can begin today to rebuild your system from the ground up. It only takes a little determination and discipline and a healthier body is possible. If you are suffering from being overweight or sick all the time, take time to review the information on our sites to learn - and believe - that you can make a change. Where does it start? You have to want to!

Health Show Call

Vitamark's Health Show Call is held once a month on a selected product. Helpful information on the use and benefits of our nutritional products will be discussed. Many times products are purchased and used with little ot no affect, or, we are not usingthenutritional product correctly and blame it on the product. Quality nutritional productsarea must if you want to change your life!

Health Show Call
Please join us the third Thursday of the month, for the Health Show call featuring a variety of special guests and products.

Also, please make a note of the NEW phone and pin numbers!

DATE: The Third thursday of each month 

TIME: 9:30PM CDT (10:30 EDT | 8:30 MDT | 7:30 PDT)

PHONE: (510) 423-9112

PIN: 107107#

Invite your friends to join you.
Don’t miss this important and informative call!

Automatic Replay
To hear a recording of this call after it has ended, just dial: 1 (510) 423-9104 and enter pin: 107107#
You will hear the most recent call played back.

Featured Products

Limu Plus®

Limu Plus® is a stunning liquid nutritional product changing the way we take vitamins. Some struggle with contemporary vitamins, so just a few ounces per day may be all you need.

Limu Plus