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God created everything within the universe and equipped it with everything it needed to do well. In order for it to continue doing well, the requirement was to use the resources provided it, properly and for their intended use. This insured a long and lasting relationship with the universe and its creator. These Universal Laws which are both natural and spiritual were put in place at creation for the purpose of continued successful operation of the universe and for success of those who followed them.

Part of the universe, the earth, also came under the Universal Laws and was considered as a good part of creation. But over time, improper decisions were being made that were detrimental to this universal relationship. These decisions were made by humans - part of creation - based on an misunderstanding of the truth as well as other "influences", some of which are opposed to the creator - God. The creator wanted only good things for the earth but He was continually met with opposition and disdain, sowed by the lies of those who chose to hold to their idea of what the Universal Laws should be.

As the earth progressed, people continued to blame their trouble on others as well as their surroundings, refusing to accept the responsibility for the decisions they made. They felt blaming others would somehow rectify their situation and afford them a chance to see a different reality. Yet, little did they know, it is impossible to change the Universal Laws put in place at the creation of the universe, resulting in their actions leading them further away from God and His benefits from creation.

The good news is, some chose to, and are continuing to follow the Universal Laws set out at the origin of the universe. These people can be found around the world, not separated by nationality, creed, religion or culture, but only joined in their agreement with the Universal Laws. These are those who have chosen to adhere to and abide by the laws set by the creator - God - at the beginning of all things.

These Universal Laws are "Spiritual or Unseen" in nature and cannot be bound by religion, secularism, naturalism or any other type of "ism". As they are adhered to and followed, the result is always - without exception - happiness and success in this life and in the life to come.


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