"The Drive for Success!"

"Be content where you are at" has been the clarion call of the heralds over the years, especially if you were raised in a religious family. To think that life could be different or had the possibility of improvement was at times discouraged. Thankfully there were those who refused to listen to the call and press on through the opposition. Some adhere to a conspiracy theory holding society at bay, but it is more likely the case that lack of knowledge led to earlier discouragement of belief in change.

The call has gone out again, but the call is "success", regretfully holding the condition "at all cost". Rightfully the call should go out that success is possible but a wise person once said, "Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it". The same is true of "success at all cost", yet this type of success is elusive and unfulfilling. It brings with it the possibility of financial success, but also carries the weight of emptiness once you achieve it. Too often the goal has been for finances alone, leaving emptiness in the rest of life.

To strive after success is a great thing but it must never be sought with preconceived ideas as to its means of completion. The full meaning of this statement will be studied later, but let it suffice to say that the means of true success are always uncertain. It requires faith and trust in the unknown (the "Unseen Reality), without the ability of controlling every situation and circumstance. If you are seeking security while seeking success, you will quickly find that true success and security are total opposites. Some have referred to people who think this way as "living in a dream world", words that are truer than you think.

Let the call to succeed go out again, but this time let it be for true success. True success brings with it the abundance of what is needed financially, yet it also brings contentment and happiness, not carrying the burden of empty achievements in this life, and in the life to come.

Seek after true success and don't be fooled by a counterfeit, coming with only a few of the benefits afforded it.

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